Supplies from Mauro

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Supplies from Mauro

Post  charlie binyon on Fri Jan 27, 2012 2:47 pm

I have had a meeting with Eric, our local rep from Mauro. He has suggested 2 douple beer taps rather than 4 individual taps as the coolers are more powerful. I agreed.
He will approach Kronenbourg to ask for a few free barrels for us for charity.
he is not sure about Guiness yet, he will find out.
He will supply plastic beer mugs of 25cl and 50 cl for free, I asked for 2000 of each which is no problem.
He can supply wine in 10 litres cubitainers in red, white, & rose, he will supply a list soon and we can have a try out sometime - date TBC
Beer we can have on sale-or-return, maybe 40-50 barrels to be sure we don't run out.
Beer/wine Delivery will be Saturday morning.
We will need fridges to get the wine cold as it will be at room temp when delivered. Mauro might be able to help but he couldn't say yet. so anyone with a fridge they can do without for the weekend will be suitably thanked.
The empty beer barrels and any unused barrels will be collected on Tuesday, as they are closed on Sun and Mon. This gives us a problem as we have to clear the site after the party.
We need someone with a truck to take them off site for security at the end of the evening /early sun morning.
charlie binyon

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Post  The Raftracer on Sat Jan 28, 2012 9:22 am

If we use the Vide Grenier centre the delivery may be better on Friday, as there will be a Vide Grenier sale on the Saturday. Although the part of the building we will be using will be clear (for decoration etc.) the truck will have a problem getting close.

I do not see a problem with the empties - there is a secure storage area at the back.

All excellent news Charlie. Well done.

The Raftracer

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