sponsorship of food & booze

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sponsorship of food & booze

Post  charlie binyon on Fri Jan 27, 2012 2:18 pm

I have been thinking about how sponsors are seen and are they appreciated?
the current plan, I think, is that we get company ABC to sponsor the cost of the drinks, and sell the drinks to make money for charity. Company XYZ sponsors the food, and we do the same.
Where I am thinking this is wrong, is that the consumer of the food or drink considers that he has paid for it, and so does the sponsor. so there is not sense of gratitude to the sponsor.
The alternative is that the company sponsors the drink/food as before, but the consumer gets it for free. he/she will then feel the sponsor has done a really good thing, he will thank anyone he sees wearing that companies name etc. but he has to pay a large amount to charity to get into the party. If we charged 80 euros entry for all, which all goes to charity, people will pay it knowing they will have free food, booze and entertainment. if we have 700 people through the gate, that is 56,000. And the sponsors will see a return on their generous gesture in customers saying "Thank You". Customers will not be so fussy about their beer/wine not cold enough or their burger not hot enough if it is free!
We could charge 100 euros entry and make even more maybe?
The downside is the problems we will have with yachties being given free beer until they cannot stand up. could be tricky.
Just a thought.
any ideas?
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